Holiday Site Builder has recently launched new functionality for owners with multiple properties. Owners can now set up as many "Landing Pages" as they like, completely free of charge. The landing pages link to some or all of the owner's property websites.

We have enabled owners to set up lots of landing pages so they can group their properties by location or type. Owners can also have different landing pages set up for different times of the year and then switch landing page with a single click. For example an owner may want to have a Christmas themed landing page that has Christmas images in the header image.

New Formatting

We have also added new formatting tools that enable you to change text formatting and add headings within text blocks.

Please use the links below to view individual properties or use the availability search to check which properties are available.


Paradise Lets Holiday Villa

Paradise Lets is a fantasy holiday home used to show the capabilities of It is a bit like the Carlsberg advert for Holiday Homes.

Paradise Lets is based in Chiswick in west London and has everything a fantasy holiday property could want, as it is all in our imagination!

BnB Website is a demo site from It is used to demonstrate how multiple properties work on Holiday Site Builder.